The gear I’ve been carrying is meant to keep me warm when the temperatures are down to -15°C. I tend to prefer carrying heavier but sturdier gear which won’t let me down after a few months.

Everything has been through some rough use and abuse and is still in pretty good condition.

I chose to have most of the weight on the front of the bike as I think it is easier to handle that way, whether I have to carry or lift it, go down some rough paths or up some steep hills. If the weight were on the back, I would have to push the handlebar down when climbing steep bits as the front wheel would keep lifting up.

On another hand, it’s a bit tricky to ride narrow singletracks or rocky paths as the panniers go down quite low and get caught on rocks quite easily. Even though, I was pretty happy with the weight distribution : heavy, dense stuff (mostly food) in the saddle bag, light and bulky gear in the panniers.

Bombtrack Arise Tour 2019
Surly front rack + Tubus rear rack
Helmut Equipement bags : Lunda Back Wheel (2*25L), TR Manivelle Handlebar (8L), Warewolf Saddlebag (10L)

2 men tent – Ferrino Nemesi 2
Therm a Rest XTherm air mat
Sleeping bag – comfort temp -8°C
Sleeping bag liner – fleece or silk, depending on the season

Primus Omnifuel stove + 2x lighters
650ml pot + 400ml cup
Cheap aluminium plate + spork + knife
4x 750ml water bottles
Sawyer water filter

Inner tube patches + tyre leavers
Small multitool (flat + philips screwdrivers, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm allen keys)
1.5 + 10mm allen keys
Chain tool
15mm + 10mm wrenches
Chain lube + bit of cloth
Derailleur hanger
1x brake cable + 1x gear cable
1x chain quick link
2x brake pads
Stove maintenance kit
Air mat puncture repair kit
Needles + thread
Duct + electrical tape

Thin synthetic insulated jacket
Gore-Tex rain jacket
Rain pants
Thin gloves
1x buff
1x shorts
1x thin merino leggings
2x short sleeve merino T Shirts
1x thin 1/2 zip fleece
2x socks
1x MTB flat pedal shoes
Non cycling clothes : pants, T Shirt, 1x socks

Additional winter clothes :
Thick down jacket
1/2 zip merino base layer
Thick merino leggings
Longsleeve merino baselayer
1x neoprene socks
1x neoprene gloves
1x thick, warm (not wind nor rainproof) gloves
Wool gaiters

Panasonic Lumix gx80 camera + 25mm and 12-32mm lenses + 3 batteries
10″ laptop + 2x 1TB hardrives

ID card + passport
Pens + notebook
Watercolour set + brush
Toiletries bag + microfiber towel